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Composition: Each 250 mg capsule contains
Kazzali   34.48 mg
Abhra    17.24 mg
Louha    17.24 mg
Tamro   17.24 mg
Sisak      17.24 mg
and other ingredients.
Ref: B.N.A.F (2nd edition)
Description: B-CIN is a safe and natural solution for moderate to severe pain in adults. Usually indicated for osteoarthritis & gout pain.
Indication: Effective for Arthritis, diarrheal arthritis and rheumatic arthritis related muscle dryness. Relieves Low back pain, arthritis pain, acute toothache, nerve inflammation, headache and menstrual cramps.
Dosage: 1-2 capsule daily after meal or as directed by the reg. physician.
Drug interactions: Does not interact with other medicines.
Side effect: No side effects in recommended dosages.
Contraindication: Contraindicated for the patients who have sensitivity to Vat Gajendra Singha.
Pregnancy & Lactation: Only if doctor recommends.

Manufactured by:
Bexter (Ay) Laboratories
Bogura, Bangladesh.
Mfg. Lic. No.: Ayu-189
DAR No : Ayu-18-A-034
web: www.bexterlab.com
Hotline: 01705-434040, 01705-434044

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